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The Shop
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The shop was latterly in the Church Cottage on the left,
next to the church gate
8th January 2010

Over the years, it appears there were shops in at least three buildings. Initially the White_Horse pub sold some household basics. Then the Post Office also acted as a shop in some small way, presumably also selling some form of household provisions. Janet Jones recalled there was also a shop of sorts in the house on Court Green, where she used to go with her mother to buy sweets. Finally there was a small shop in the left hand Church Cottage run by Emma Wright and her husband.

4th March 2020
The old post office - 4th March 2020

Mrs. A. Kemp - sub-postmistress & shopkeeper 1900
Mrs. A. Kemp - sub-postmistress & shopkeeper 1904
Mrs. Adeline Kemp - sub-postmistress & shopkeeper 1908
Mrs. Adeline Kemp - sub-postmistress & shopkeeper 1912
Mrs. Adeline Kemp - sub-postmistress & shopkeeper 1916
Mrs. Adeline Kemp - sub-postmistress & shopkeeper 1922
Emma Wright - first Church Cottage 1964
Adeline Kemp was also known as Annie Kemp.

I lived at Marlpit Cottages till 1966. I remember the post office and getting a threppny bit for delivering stuff. Used to pick up fruit for Mr Gibbs opposite Marlpit. Had two uncles who lived in village. The Wrights had shop near PO. Remember Paul Hicks, Desmond Power and a few others who lived there. My brother is buried in churchyard after living a very short life. The shop was basically a house near the post office run by Mr and Mrs Wright and that would be 1964/5. Only delivered papers to relations. As you looked at PO my uncle was next left and think it was one of the two next to that. Think it was just small grocery if my memory is correct.
Trevor Scarffe - 5th May 2020

Post Office
Trevor Scarffe's uncle lived in the right hand cottage (with the Post Office immediately to its right) and the shop would have been in the left hand cottage (with the church behind and the school to its left).

O. S. Map 1905
O. S. Map 1905
Marked in red top - bottom
Smithy - White Horse Inn - Post Office - Shop - School

Courtesy of NLS map images

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