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Playing Field
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Playing Field

Hempstead playing field has a small variety of childrens' play apparatus including ropes, swings and a football area with goalposts.

The field was the Bowling green before WW2 and then someone kept geese on it during the War.

The village playing field was developed in 1974 when the parents of the children in the village took up mowing the grass and tending to the hedge. In the 1990’s fund raising events were organised, including two dances in the Village Hall.

Playing Field
17th February 2020

A successful village fête is held on the field every August.

27Mar2021 27Mar2021
27Mar2021 27Mar2021
Yvette Gibson organised a working party to tackle the brambles and undergrowth that were pushing the fence over and generally invading the area.
About twelve villagers turned out on Saturday 27th March 2021 and completed an excellent job in around two hours.

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