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Gathering of Hempstead men for an unknown occasion at an unknown venue - c.1885
Back row standing l-r: J Harrison, Rev C Rudd, A Everett, G Flowerdew, John Thomas Wright 1870 - 1957, W Allard, J Bench, J Pells, S Money
Second row sitting l-r: A Bush, A Jarvis, S Riseborough, J Howe, James George Wright 1872 - 1928, G Batchelor, B Howe
Front row sitting l-r: J Wright, W Flowerdew, J Riseborough, C Money, Unknown, J Flowerdew

Womens Institute Meeting - c.1910
Womens' Institute Meeting - c.1910
Hempstead Bowls Team - c.1930
Back row standing l-r: Unknown, Elijah Cole, Unknown, Alfred Roy, Unknown, Dean Harnwell
Front row sitting l-r: Samuel Clarke, George Cook, Rev. Paul Cleve, Unknown, John Everett
Elijah Cole was a gamekeeper and lived at Selbrigg
Sam Clarked lived in Middle Cottage on The Street
George Cook was gardener/chauffeur for Rev Cleave and lived in Peacock Lane, Holt. When Rev Cleave retired to Cirencester the Cooks went too
John Everett lived in what is now Fig Tree Cottage on The Street and was the father of Nellie, the Post Delivery Lady

c.19135 c.1935
Mothers' Union outing on the Broads - c.1935
The vicar would have been Rev Alfred Auden
December 1993 - It was announced that the Mothers Union had been disbanded after nearly 60 years.
There was a wake in the Rectory at Baconsthope followed by a Communion Service.

Hempstead Womens' Institute cup winners c.1934
Hempstead Womens' Institute Prize Cup winners for Singing in 1934
A photo on The Street page shows the cup on an upstairs windowsill amid the 1937 Coronation celebratory trappings

1940 1940

Ernie Bird and his new wife Annie
(née Ashcroft)
with bridesmaid Diana Watson-Cook (later Diana Spalton)

Wedding at All Saints Church in 1940
Back row - Mrs. Fuller; Ivy Graveling; Ernie Bird; Mrs. Joan Watson-Cook; Rev. A. M. Auden
Front row - David Watson-Cook; Diana Watson-Cook; Annie Bird; John Craske; unknown
The Watson-Cook family lived at Brownwood.
Mrs. Fuller lived on Marlpit Lane in what is now Tinker's Cottage.
Ivy Graveling was a live-in domestic help at Brownwood, originally from Foulsham.
The bride Annie (née Ashcroft) was also a domestic help at Brownwood, originally from Lancashire.
John Craske was staying at Hempstead Lodge.

Hempstead WI meeting in the Village Hall - c.1958
Hempstead WI meeting in the Village Hall - c.1958
1. unknown, 2. Mrs Walter Clark, 3. Mrs Cubitt, 4. Mrs Dann (Court Green), 5. Mrs Whitton (Church Cottage), 6. Mrs Pentney,
7. Mrs Daniels (Pond Hills Cottage), 8. Mrs Daisy Scarff, 9. Mrs Cheney (back of the Post Office), 10. Claudine Fuller,
11. Mrs Hazeel (Baconsthorpe), 12. Mrs Muriel Scarff, 13. Mrs Wyer (White Horse pub), 14. Mrs Platford (Mill Cottage),
15. Ruth Wilson (Barningham Rectory), 16. Mrs Watson-Cooke (Brownwood) 17. Mrs Ethel West (Hall Cottages)

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