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The Hagen family were farmers who successfully farmed in Hempstead for many years from the 1880s to the mid 1900s. They variously farmed Church_Farm, Green_Farm and Hole_Farm and were well respected and active members of the community.

John Hagen 6th May 1935
John Hagen (1852-1935) - 6th May 1935

Hempstead's Grand Old Man
Mr. John Hagen died on Tuesday (8th October 1935) at the Hempstead Hole Farm which he farmed for the past fifty-two years. Before coming to Hempstead, Mr Hagen was for a short time at Ingworth. A thorough churchman, he held the post of churchwarden at Hempstead for 25 years and served on the Erpingham Board of Guardians and Rural District Council for 23 years, retiring only last year, He was recognised as one of the leading agriculturalists in North Norfolk and always stuck to the old-fashioned Norfolk four-course shift - wheat, roots, barley and hay - with excellent results. Never did he think of changing his system.

He was a noted grazier and his fat beasts were far-famed. As a master he was truly one of the best. A great believer in setting a personal example to his men, he took his place with them at their work, and never asked them to do anything he could not do himself.

Of the fifteen men employed on the farm at present, eleven of them have worked there since they left school. The headman W. Fowle had been there 52 years (from the time Mr. Hagen took the farm in 1883) and W. Clarke, who died two years ago, had rendered forty years service. A message received by Mr. D.W. Hagen, his son, of Green Farm, Hempstead, on Tuesday from the members of the Womens’ Institute paid tribute to the deceased gentleman's attributes as a friend and master.

Mr. Hagen was a wonderful judge of cattle. He could judge a bullock's weight to a pound or so, and at market he was a great friend to many farmers who sought his much-valued advice when purchasing stock. Although taking no part in hunting or any other sport, he was always pleased to have the North Norfolk Harriers over his land and gave them all possible facilities and a hearty welcome.

Through his generosity the large debt on the Village Hall was paid. His last public function was the unveiling of the Jubilee seat in the village on 6th May 1935, Jubilee Day.

In 1911 Mr Daniel W. Hagen became tenant of Green_Farm. He was the son of Mr John Hagen of Hole_Farm and took over the tenancy on the death of Edmund Ling.
Some time after the departure of the Langtons the farmhouse had been divided into three cottages. The Gurneys converted the three cottages back into a farmhouse for Mr Daniel Hagen on his taking the farm tenancy.
In 1945 the farm was bought by Mr George Knight as part of the Gurney’s Hempstead Estate. He acquired vacant possession by allowing Mr D W Hagen to continue to live in the farmhouse for the rest of his life on condition that he otherwise surrendered his lease.

Hempstead, A Norfolk Village - Robin Carver, 2000

The stand to the Church Lectern commemorates John Hagen 1910-1935 and his son, Daniel W Hagen 1932-1954 - the years for which they were Churchwardens.
The Church Bible was the Gift of DW and RM Hagen and their sons. Easter 1926.

Census 1921:
Daniel W Hagen (39) b.Erpingham
Rachel W Hagen (48) b.Felthorpe
Daniel R Hagen (6) b.Hempstead

In 1953
Daniel W Hagen was living at Green Farm - Tel. no: Holt 2188
Daniel's eldest son John Hagen was living at Four Elms, The Street - Tel. no: Holt 2118

Daniel's younger son Daniel R Hagen was living at Red House Farm - Tel. no: Holt 3177

When I left school I went to work as a domestic servant for Mr and Mrs Hagen, Green farm, Hempstead, whom I felt sure were past retiring age when I joined them. But of course nobody retired during the war. It was a very busy, dairy farm with a Friesian herd and Mrs Hagen was very proud of her cows and dairy. Even there I could not escape the jam making, as Mrs Hagen was president of the, W.I., also known as Jam and Jerusalem.
Mrs Hagen was also president of the district nursing association and on the county committee of the land army, sorting out billets, placements and their welfare. We had many land army girls come to the farm, and being city girls they found it very difficult to fit into farm life. I suppose it was a bit of a culture shock for them coming from homes where bathrooms and flush toilets were the norm, to just a wash bowl and outside privy. But some found that they loved the country life, and soon learned the tricks of the trade for example, when threshing corn it was wise to tie string around the bottom of their trouser legs, so as when they reached the bottom of the stack and all the rats and mice ran out, none would be able to get up their trouser legs.

By the time I was old enough to register for war service, the ministry of labour had decided that due to the amount of work and extra paper work that farmers had to do. Domestic servants to farmers would be classed as a reserve occupation, so I did not get out into the wide world so to speak. But as North Norfolk had many airfields and troops passing through life was not dull. Once when I was returning to Hempstead from Holt by bicycle (the only transport available in those days) I found my way was blocked at a level crossing, by a troop train. The front of the train was in Holt station discharging troops and the rear end was a long way past the level crossing, so I thought I would be in for a long wait, but no, the soldiers on the train saw me waiting, so they lifted me and my bike into the train then lowered me out the other side.
Richard C. Gray, WW2 People’s War - 1st September 2005

Marguerite (Peggy) Hagen at Green Farm - c.1950 Marguerite (Peggy) Hagen
Marguerite (Peggy) Hagen at Green Farm - c.1950
Marguerite (Peggy) Hagen (1913-1984), wife of John Hagen (1910-1998)
on her way to market with Hempstead Rabbitry rabbits
Four Elms, The Street in the background - c.1950

John A Hagen - c. 1871 25th July 1936 John A Hagen (1910-1998)
John A Hagen - c. 1871
John and Marguerite (Peggy) Hagen's wedding 25th July 1936
John A Hagen (1910-1998)

ARP FormJohn Hagen (1910-1998) was the local Senior ARP Warden
and was required to fill in one of these forms in the event of
a war related incident

Daniel R Hagen (1915-2004) - c.1982
Daniel R Hagen (1915-2004) - c.1982

Daniel & Rachel Hagen - c.1945 Elizabeth - Daniel Hagen c.1953
Daniel & Rachel Hagen - c.1945
Daniel W Hagen (1883-1957) with his grandaughter Elizabeth - c.1953

Hagen Family Tree
Hagen family tree

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