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Fuller Family

William James Fuller (1843-1924) and
Elizabeth Fuller - c.1910

William Fuller married Elizabeth Rush on 8th December 1865

William and Elizabeth Fuller with daughter
Bess and grandaughter Hilda - c.1910

William Fuller lived in the eastern cottage of the four Marlpit Cottages. He would walk to Sheringham each day, where he worked on the sea wall. To make the journey easier, he eventually purchased a donkey cart.

Census 1911
Census 1911 - Marlpit Cottages, Marlpit Lane, Hempstead

14th June 1919
Herbert Fuller - Georgina 'Daisy' Chestney wedding photo taken in the old marlpit opposite Pine Farm - 14th June 1919
Back row - Edgar Fuller, Bille Fuller, unknown, unknown
Middle row - Lily Hicks, Jack Hicks, Mrs Spendlove, Edie Fuller, 'Dinksie' Spendlove, Herbert Fuller (groom), Daisy Chestney (bride)
Madeline Chestney, Bess ?, unknown, Edie Chestney, Walter Howes, 'Kia' Howes (née Chestney) unknown, Mrs Barnes
Front row - Billy Howes, Nellie Howes, Mrs Hardy, Gladys Fuller, Audrey Fuller, Eunice ?, (sitting on grass with Hilda), Phyllis Chestney
Peter Scott, Elizabeth Fuller, William James Fuller, Edith Fuller with son Reginald, on grass - Joan Fuller, Henry Fuller, Sammy Barnes

The wedding group photo was taken in the large old marlpit opposite Pine Farm.
In the days of the wedding, the area was kept clean and tidy but has since become entangled and overgrown.

Marriage certificate for Herbert Fuller and Daisy Chestney's wedding

Herbert Fuller was chauffeur to Mrs Hardy at Hempstead Lodge and Daisy was a parlourmaid there, which is possibly how they met.

Fuller family out side Marlpit Cottage on Marlpit Lane - c.1921
left to right - Herbert Fuller, Daisy Fuller, Elizabeth Fuller, Edith Eleanor Fuller holding son Victor, daughter Audrey and William Fuller

Census 1921:
Elizabeth Fuller (38) b.Hempstead
George William Fuller (40) b.Hempstead
Herbert Harry Fuller (35) b.Hempstead
Georgina Daisy Fuller (25) b.Hempstead
James William Fuller (39) b.Hempstead
Montague H W Fuller (1) b.Hempstead

William Fuller was buried in Hempstead churchyard on 18th March 1924

Billie Fuller - 1919
Billie Fuller - 1919

Billie Fuller was the son of William and Elizabeth and was a tinker by trade. He lived with his parents in the easternmost of the two blocks of two Marlpit cottages, which have now been converted into two single cottages and now known as Tinker's Cottage. Billie would repair pots and pans and replace worn hoe blades, etc. When asked for the cost of a repair, Billie would give the price in pints of beer rather than shillings and pence.

Claudine Fuller died on the 16 th May aged 81. Claudine was born in the village and spent her whole life here. She was a member of the Parish Council; the Village Hall Committee and the Parochial Church Council for many years and played the church organ for over 60 years.

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